Don't Let Sewer Line Work Stress You Out

Work with a reputable excavation company in Park City & Wichita, KS

Sluggish, smelly drains? We can help. Drainworks is an excavation company in Park City, Kansas. Our clients count on us for a variety of sewer services, including inspections, cleaning, sewer cleaning services, drain inspections, sewer inspectionsrepairs and replacements, excavation services & more. If you're experiencing drainage problems in your home or office, dial 316-312-8345 right away.

Handling all your sewer line problems

Drainworks is more than your standard excavation company. Depend on us for...

Sewer line inspections:

A sewer inspection camera will show us the location of any problems in your line.

Sewer cleaning services:

Get rid of clogs with our machine-based cleaning service.

Sewer line replacement work:

If your line is too damaged for basic repairs, we'll replace it completely.

Sewer cleanout installation:

Make future drain cleaning services simple by adding a sewer cleanout.

If you're looking for honest pricing on professional sewer services, you've come to the right website.

What do you imagine when you think of hiring a sewer line excavation company? Damaged walls and a destroyed yard? That won't be your experience when you work with Drainworks. We can inspect, repair and replace your home's sewer line from the outside, disturbing the smallest area of land possible.

We're not fair-weather excavators, either. Come rain or shine, we'll finish your sewer services. Call our Park City, KS location today to schedule an appointment.


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