No More Torn-Up Lawns

We use a sewer inspection camera in the Park City & Wichita, KS area

Without the right equipment, searching for a sewer line clog could turn into a wild goose chase. Drainworks of Park City, KS and Wichita, KS uses a sewer inspection camera to spot clogs quickly and cleanly.

By sending a camera through your sewer line, our team can pinpoint the exact location of the problem. We'll excavate a small area to access the drain, leaving the rest of your yard untouched.

Learn more about our camera drain inspections by calling 316-312-8345 now.

What are the advantages of using a sewer inspection camera?

Don't work with any excavation company that still uses old-fashioned inspection methods. Camera drain inspections are...

  • Less expensive: By reducing labor costs, we can offer more affordable inspections.
  • More accurate: Camera inspections can spot damage or a clog precisely.
  • Faster: If you want to know what's wrong quickly, get a camera inspection.

If you need to know what's going on in your home's sewer line, choose an excavation company that uses a sewer inspection camera.