Is Your Sewer Line Inaccessible?

Install a sewer cleanout in the Park City & Wichita, KS area

Clearing a sewer line clog without a sewer cleanout is expensive and destructive. A sewer cleanout is a pipe that runs perpendicular to your home's sewer line. This pipe allows a plumber to access the line without tearing up your yard. Drainworks offers sewer cleanout installation in Park City, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas and the nearby area.

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Specializing in clean cleanout installations

Are you cringing at the thought of seeing your lawn- quite literally- turned upside down? Sewer cleanout installation shouldn't be an ordeal. Drainworks will save you time and money by...

  • Locating the sewer line by camera to avoid unnecessary damage
  • Excavating the smallest possible area for installation
  • Installing the sewer cleanout quickly and effectively

If your home lacks a sewer cleanout, contact our Park City, KS location today.