Sewer Lines Don't Last Forever

Trust us for reliable sewer repair services in Park City & Wichita, KS

When sewage starts to back up into your home, you've got to act immediately. Drainworks provides code-compliant sewer repair work in Park City, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding area. Partial sewer line repairs are an affordable alternative to a complete sewer line replacement.

Don't let this temporary problem become a long-term health hazard. Call the pros at Drainworks today.

When should you talk to a sewer repair tech?

Only a drain technician can tell you if you need sewer repair work. Turn to Drainworks if your home's sewer line is...

Broken: Damage from tree roots can crack sewer lines.
Clogged: Grease and debris can clog sewer lines.
Old: Older lines are more susceptible to major damage.

Our cameras can tell us exactly where the problem is, so we won't make a mess of your yard trying to find it.

Schedule a sewer line replacement in the Park City, KS and Wichita, KS area by calling 316-312-8345 now.